Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Commission - Black Canary

Black Canary © DC Comics

It's the day after Christmas so I get to show another holiday commission. Brian, aka Batmite, commissioned this for his friend Jim. I know Jim (and Brian) from years of attending the Pittsburgh ComiCon. Jim has this cantankerous persona he puts on when dealing with me, and others I suppose but I like to think I'm special. We toss friendly insults back and forth all during the weekend. But the truth is he is a softy and it's always nice to see when I am there. So when Brian asked for a holiday themed Black Canary for his friend Jim, of course I said "Hell, no!" ; )

Thanks for the commission Brian and I hope Jim liked her.

I believe that is the last of the Christmas themed finished commissions. I am still working on the BIG commission for Royce featuring the Superman Family of characters. Be nice to Royce, he has been patient and encouraging. And if he uses the art for a Christmas card next year, you will want to be on that list. :)

Ink on 11" x 17" Strathmore Bristol Board

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Little John said...

Very nice!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

A rousing achievement in Christmas artwork! Extremely well done.


Royce Thrower said...

Ho Ho Ho indeed!

Brian Jones said...

He loved it Gene and I was sad to see her go! Thanks again and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday :)