Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tigra - Rough

Tigra © Marvel Entertainment

This is the working sketch for a Canson Cutie Tigra piece I did for the weekly blog I share with Joe Pekar. This piece started life as a series of quick sketches done in Photoshop. Once I got the pose I liked, I started tightening up the figure. I don't like to erase much on the final Canson paper, so I try to get this part of the process down as much as I need. The I print it out on 11" x 17" copy paper, with the opacity down to about 20%, making a light gray image. I then pencil on top of that print out to tighten it up a bit farther. Slap it on the light table, transfer to the final paper, ink it, color it and scan it. You know, 5-10 minutes from rough to finish, tops. ;)

If you would like to see the finished piece you can find it at 2-Point Perspective blog. 

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Unknown said...

I think she turned out AMAZINGLY