Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HeroesCon 2011 - Post Con 3

Another round of pieces from last weekends HeroesCon. When I forget to take pictures, I forget how many pieces I actually do at a show. There are still more out there (I Dream of Jeannie for Eric is one in particular) but these are the last I have found or that have been sent to me. If any more come in I will post them with the daily stuff. On to the pieces...

Above is Darth Talon. I am not familiar with the expanded Star Wars universe. Just know the six movies and a bad Christmas Special. But when Gary asked for a painting of the character I thought it would be fun. Then I got to the hotel room and really looked at all the tattoos/markings on her body and thought "What the heck was I thinking?". :) In the end I am glad I did it because it was fun. Gary left it wide open for me to create the piece and he seemed to like the final results. This is a bad photo that I tried to clean up. If I get a scan of this piece, I will post again later. This was done in acrylic.

Chris and Toni hit me up with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing as an inked piece. They told me to have fun with it and I did! Chris was nice enough to send me a scan since my photo was terrible. Thanks again Chris, and remember this is for Toni's collection. ;-)

Nara from ExoSquad is for Eli! I have never watched the show but from what he told me about it I would probably like it. Must look for it on NetFlix. This was done in acrylic.

Vampirella is a character I have not drawn in a long time. But she is always fun to revisit. And thanks to Don's request for her, I did. :)

Thanks again to all of them for the commissions and conversations. And thanks to Don and Eli for posting the art on the CAF site otherwise I wouldn't have them here.

All characters are © their respective owners.

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Royce Thrower said...

Some really great art from the con floor Gene! Thanks for sharing all of the ones that you can as the con goes so quickly sometimes! I will get Eric to email you a scan of Jeannie if he hasn't already.

Thanks again for coming to Charlotte and that new sketchbook ROCKS!

Philip said...

HeroesCon was really great this year! Thanks for the conversation about your blog and your work. It inspired me to try one of my own and so far I'm keeping up to speed (a whole 3 days. woo-hoo!)

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Royce! This show went faster than most. I don't know why. Getting a scan of Jeannie would be great, thanks! And I'm glad you like the sketchbook. Seems I printed just enough, I have only one copy left. BTW, Dreamy says "hi" and is looking forward to seeing you. ;)

Congrats Philip! I just checked out your blog and you are off to a good start. Most important is have fun with it. Since you didn't provide I link, I will: Check it out folks.

Little John said...

Good stuff Gene!

AnthonyF said...

Great work Gene, I love that variety of art you worked on. I dug Exosquad when it was on, and am thrilled to see you work on that piece and the Vampi. very cool!