Friday, July 16, 2010

Sketchbook Friday

Here are a few odds and ends from my sketchbook. These were various ideas for two of the Conventionless Convention Sketches from last week. I spent another day doing pencil illustrations for an education book and I can't show them. So it's the sketchbook for you!

One more thing...since I am posting some of the roughs I did for the Saturn Girl sketch, did anyone notice that the shape of her "bomb" looked familiar, or was I just too clever for my own good? :)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Little John said...

Looks like an old Kryptonian rocketship to me.

Unknown said...

If I ever get to do a bomb girl...I'm putting her on the bomb from Dr. Strangelove!!! ;)

Gene Gonzales said...

Close LJ, It's the original Legion HQ. Complete with the "front door" and the sign above the door. The Legion HQ always looked like an upside down rocket, so I went with that idea. :)

John - YeeeeeeeeeeeHaa!

Little John said...

Ahhh,,,now I see it. Silly me. Not used to seeing it as an actual rocket. Used to seeing it stuck in the ground.

Gene Gonzales said...

Had it been in color you would have got it right away LJ. :)