Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Joker - Commission

The Joker © DC Comics

This Joker was commissioned as a companion piece to a Harley Quinn I did last year. I'm really pleased with how the Joker came out here. I have always found him a difficult character to get right. While some might think it's not a "home run", it could be considered a stand up "triple". Get it? See the baseball bat? :)

This is also the last commission on my list. I had a few outstanding big pieces that are now finished and shipped. The last of the Conventionless Convention Sketches (CCS) are done. And now this piece. Interesting not to have sketches to be done.

And speaking of sketches, I will be updating my commission prices and convention rates very shortly. I haven't raised any prices in about 8 years or so and everything else has gone up. Especially travel and conventions. So I hope that everyone understands.

I've already been asked when I will be doing another round of CCSs. That will start at the beginning of March. I will be opening a sketch list for MegaCon for people attending and take a few CCSs for those that are not. Stay tuned.

Joker was done in acrylic on illustration board.

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