Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Commission - WIP

Art © 2012 Gene Gonzales

I am continuing work on a commission that I will have finished before December 1 and the beginning of the Conventionless Convention Sketches. Above is a detail of a new pose for the star of the commission.

The Conventionless Convention Sketches sold out in record time. I think it was just over 24 hours from the official announcement. A big thank you to everyone that is participating and to those that got the word out. I will post a list of the characters you can expect to see as soon as everyone gets their choices to me. I think I have 12 pending at this point.

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Vincent Paul Bartilucci said...

Why do I have the feeling that we won't get to see this piece in its entirety? :-)

This young lady has a touch of Little Annie Fanny about her. But the nautical feel to the other parts you've posted makes me think we're seeing a mermaid.

Hmmmm ....

Gene Gonzales said...

Good call on the Little Annie Fanny vibe. :) And not a mermaid. :)