Sunday, July 22, 2012

Purple - Digital Inking (video)

Art and video are © 2012 Gene Gonzales

This is a piece I have started a couple of times for a few reasons. But this time it's a go. I just found out that I can do video screen captures using the version of Quicktime that I have. After looking for a free or inexpensive application, a search lead me back to my own OS. Learned something new today. I did this video without a voice over. Figuring no one wants to hear me go on and on. (If you have met me at a convention, you know what I am talking about) But for future videos, now that I know I can do them anytime, just let me know if you are interested in my thought process. I'm not saying it's interesting, it's just there. Oh, I didn't add music either. I almost never like the music choices that other artists use for their videos so I just turn down the volume. No doubt that would happen with mine too. :)

This thing is 15 minutes long. Just a warning.

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charlie said...

Thank you for this Gene! I would love to hear your process. I would like to learn! :) Great video!

Royce Thrower said...

I also love to hear the narrative. Give us the choice, we can always turn down the sound.... lol

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Charlie!

Gene Gonzales said...

Gee thanks Royce. (Yeesh, "turn down the sound") ;)

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Thanks for sharing this Gene. Makes me think that there will be a time when all art is done digitally!