Monday, March 21, 2011

Tigra - Rough

Tigra © Marvel Entertainment

I'm not sure how I will finish this. I would kind of like to paint it. Give it the full treatment. But that won't happen this week. I am currently trying to get ahead of my workload and take care of my advance sketch list for this weeks MegaCon. So Tigra might have to take the backseat for a week or so.

This was done with violet Col-Erase pencil on an 11" x 17" sheet of copy paper.

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Royce Thrower said...

She is tooooo cute!

Rob Smith jr said...

Well, if she takes the backseat, make sure she has more clothes on or she might get cold back there!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Royce! "Cute" was what I was shooting for. :)

At least I did say she was going to be put in the corner. Nobody puts Tigra in a corner. Oh, and she has a nice fur coat to keep her warm. :)

Gary M. Peiffer said...

We will patiently wait to see the final product!


Comix Book Gurl said...


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Gary!

Thanks Lisa!

Little John said...