Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sketchbook Saturday

I finally finished up the project that was on my computer for a few weeks and I'm working on a commission. Since the commission isn't done, I can't show it. But what I can show is the page I did in my sketchbook this afternoon while I sat by/in the pool with Deena drinking Sangrias. :) It was a good day. :)

Hope yours is going well.

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Comix Book Gurl said...

Wheres my Sangria? That sounds amazing.. Hmmmm

I wish I could simply draw as well as you sketch. goodness.

Gary M. Peiffer said...

That sketchbook goes with you everywhere! Thanks for sharing!


Gene Gonzales said...

Lisa - Had I known you could make it, there would have been one for you. ;) Thanks!

Gary - Yeah, it almost does. Today at the Rays game I started thinking of some things that made me wish I had my sketchbook with me. Luckily I could sketch on my iPhone a bit. Oooo, an iPad would be good to take. Need to get one of those. :)