Sunday, June 6, 2010

HeroesCon 2010 - Day Three

Final day of the show folks, and we have three more to share. First two up are Phantom Girl and Wildfire for Michael. I like Michael's taste in Legionnaires! 

And it just wouldn't be a convention without getting the chance to draw my Kryptonian, Supergirl! This one is for Royce!

Thanks to Michael and Royce for the commissions. I will have more to share over the next few days. And I will post more of my thoughts about the show. Thanks to everyone who dropped by my table to say hi. More tomorrow!

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Comix Book Gurl said...

fantastic work!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Please keep sharing these, all are "Wows"!


Charlie Ramirez said...

the whole weekend worth of sketches are fantastic. happy there might be more to see :)

Royce Thrower said...

Thanks again Gene. It was a blast to chat between all the sketched you were doing and also a BIG thanks to Will Allred who was Johnny on the Spot with his scanner!

carlos a.s. lising said...

I love this Supergirl, Gene! Bravo!!! :D

erica said...

Those look awesome!

I think Gene needs to be on DC's "Supergirl" book!!

Royce, next year we'll have to make it a point to meet face to face!!!

Little John said...

Let it be known that Royce does not actually exist. It's just Gene's alter ego to spur discussion on the blog. ;)

These commissions are great! Pat and I loved talking with you throughout the weekend Gene. Looking forward to next year.

JohnPopa said...

Love that Phantom Girl, Gene!

Royce Thrower said...

LOL! I looked for LittleJohn for TWO days! I think Gene was just joshing me though. I always seemed to "just miss" him when I would stop by Gene's table. So, I even went outon the floor to FIND him! I thought I had found him once based on Gene's description but it turned out I had instead found his doppleganger. It was a big show with lots of folks and I suppose it is possible not to run into someone, but it does sound rather suspicious!

Little John said...

LOL @Royce. I heard about the mistaken identity encounter you had. I was called Adam Hughes 9 times over the weekend. next year i'm going to start charging for sketches.

Gene told me I kept missing you by :that: much each time I was by the table.

Hey, since I have never seen Royce and Gene together, does that mean...

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Lisa. Glad you are enjoying the sketches. You need to make the trip to HeroesCon sometime. It's a blast!

Will do Gary! Thanks!

There are more and more Charlie, thanks!

Yeah Royce, Diary of Night writer/creator and all around good guy was very helpful with scanning. It is nice to get some clean shots of con sketches. We missed some, but got a lot of them.

Thanks Carlos!

Thanks Erica! We need to get you a job in charge of assigning artists to projects at DC! And about meeting Royce face to face, you will have to be very cat-like to sneak up on him. He is skitish and is very elusive. :)

I am not Royce, Little John. Medication has taken care of the multiple personalities I used to exhibit. But none of them were Royce. One was a tall red headed guy with a full beard though. Hmmm. Maybe you don't exist? Loved chatting and hanging out with you and Patricia. You two rock!

Thanks John!

Royce - I thought we would have to bail you out of jail, the way you kept walking up to people and asking "Are you Little John", "Are you Little John". Someone was bound to call security :)

Well Adam, no wait, Little John. I have a picture of Royce and I together somewhere. Really. :)