Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ralph and Sue Dibny - Work in Progress

I've been a bit busy but I have in no way given up on this piece. I have been frustrated with my quest to create the right digital "brush" to get the look I want. There is a slickness that can happen when digitally inking, either in vector or pixel based apps that I am trying to avoid. Here is an example of two different brushes and attempts.

Above is a detail of what I did today. I completely started over using a brush that is more like a pencil. If you click on the image and look you will probably notice the edges of the lines have a bit of a jaggedness to them. And for some reason this brush reacts different as I draw. Though that is probably in my head. But there seems to be something more organic in the top image compared to the image below.

Below is a detail of the piece from earlier this month. I am using a brush I created that makes lines like I am inking. But because it is an "ink" brush, I feel like I have less control over the lines. It just slips away from me. Long strokes become difficult and every uncertainty in the stroke shows. 

Ralph and Sue Dibny © DC Comics

I'm just gonna keep plugging away at this. :)

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LUD! said...

I see what you mean, Gene... your later attempt looks much better than the earlier try. Still looking forward to seeing the end result!

Gene, remember when Carmine Infantino got to do his own inking on the E-man stories in Detective Comics... it was definitely a treat seeing it. It's a shame he couldn't do more of it; it was the same with Murphy Anderson doing pencil work-- Julie Schwartz preferred him to stay with inking...