Thursday, October 1, 2009

Princess Projectra - Legion of Super-Heroes

Sometimes you ask for something and you get it. The request from LUD! and Carlos for a Projectra pin-up was one I could not pass up. Jeckie, as she was sometimes known, was from the planet Orando. And really was the Princess. She could create realistic illusions. The kind that were so real your senses would be screaming that the illusion is real even though you knew that was her power. Jeckie was always romantically tied to Karate Kid. They actually joined the Legion together along with Ferro Lad and Nemesis Kid. The latter turning out to be a spy and betrayed the Legion. Years later after Jeckie took the throne as Queen of Orando and married Karate Kid, Nemesis Kid killed Karate Kid. As Queen, Jeckie defeated Nemesis Kid and killed him herself. Claiming royal privilege in doing so. There is more to her story but that really sums up quite a bit.

For this piece I inked Jeckie on an 11" x 17" sheet of Strathmore Bristol Board and did the Validus (of the Fatal Five) illusion in markers.

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LUD! said...

Yay, Gene! ;-)
I always loved that Dave Cockrum-designed uniform, but strangely enough, I loved Mike Grell drawing her over Cockrum!

Princess Projectra, Karate Kid, Ferro Lad, and Nemesis Kid. Hard to believe a 14 year old (or was he 16? I could never remember Shooter's age!) created such a quartet. Ferro Lad had such a short membership in the Silver Age Legion, but the remaining three were intertwined in such a way that Paul Levitz's outcome in Legion (vol. 3)# 4 & 5.

Any chance you'll take a Photoshop run on this piece, Gene?

LUD! said...

Me again...

I also meant to comment that Dave's open-front design was VERY daring in the early 1970s, considering that the Comics Code wouldn't allow even a hint of cleavage until 1968.

Legion editor Murray Boltinoff probably had a seizure when he first saw that sketch!

Anonymous said...

Jeckie! Another fave Legionnaire, and another super pinup!

And was Dave Cockrum the best costume designer in the history of comics, or what?

Royce Thrower said...

I echo the tip of the ol' hat to Dave Cockrum and his sense of design. The Princess was always one of my favorite female Legionnaires. Nice work with the "illusion" Gene. The dichotomy of the inked portion versus that of the marker really makes this one interesting! Great job!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

So Gene, this caused me to think (oh oh), if you were to create your own character for the Legion, what would he/she look like and what would be the name? Throw us a concept!


carlos a.s. lising said...

Gene, first--thanks so much for taking the request!!!

Second, I absolutely love the pic! Jeckie at her finest!

Lastly, Karate Kid's ten best deaths in comics history? I know it is for me....

Gene Gonzales said...

LUD! - I have to agree with you, I liked Grell's version of Jeckie better as well. It was a subtle difference but it worked. Shooter was really young. Amazing stories regardless of age. When I worked with Jim, I made sure not to geek out and blabber about the Legion. :)

I am in the process of coloring this one but didn't have time to finish it. I will it post sometime soon.

It would be fun to find out what Murray's reaction was to Jeckies new revealing look. But you know, she might have been completely covered up when he saw her. She does cast some strong illusions. ;)

Michael - Yup, I agree about Dave.

Royce - Thanks! I wasn't sure if Validus was going to work that way but I went for it. Whew!

Gary - I have created so many Legionnaires that their ranks would have doubled by now. The first ones were when I was in 5th grade. I was geeky before it became cool. Maybe I will revisit those old self made comics I did back then and see what can be salvaged.

Carlos - Glad you like her. And Karate Kids death, yeah, big impact. It is too bad it was done only because Giffen doesn't like the character and will kill Karate Kid every chance he gets.

Gary M. Peiffer said...


Would be cool to see a Gonzo Lass or Gonzo lad!